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Hot Rolled Building

Hot-rolled steel is formed using the hot-rolling process and is shaped at a temperature above its recrystallization point. This type of steel is commonly measured in metric tons (MT) and finds applications in various structures such as multi-story buildings, equipment supports, pipe racks, and more.
Typically, consultants and steel companies design hot-rolled steel structures, which are then tendered for fabrication, blasting, painting, and delivery to the construction site. The fabricator is responsible for designing connections, preparing shop and erection drawings, and sometimes even the erection process. Hot-rolled steel is available in round bars, sheets, plates, I-beams, and channels.
Compared to traditional construction methods, steel buildings offer convenience and cost-effectiveness. They have a longer lifespan and higher endurance, revolutionizing the construction industry due to their reliability, stability, and material strength.
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