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We welcome you to CityTech Steel Structures and Fabrication, where engineering and creativity are combined to produce state-of-the-art solutions for current construction difficulties. Our team of skilled specialists takes pride in producing high-quality steel buildings that define city skylines and serve as examples of engineering brilliance.

We have years of experience and a commitment to perfection. Our extensive services cover the whole lifecycle of steel fabrication, from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance, including iconic skyscrapers and complicated bridges. Learn how CityTech can use the durability and accuracy of steel to realize your architectural designs


What is meant by Structural Steel and Fabrication?

Structural steel is a construction material created in a certain shape or structure. Examples include square box steel, pipe steel, U-shaped steel, and twisted steel. Structural steel is designed with shape and size according to the specifications suitable for different projects. Some methods of fabricating this type of material are hot rolling, cold rolling, complex welding, and bending.


Our Promise to Excellence

At CityTech, we have established a reputation for offering top-notch fabrication and Steel structural building services. Each project we take on is motivated by our dedication to excellence. We know that every construction project is different.

Therefore we tackle each challenge with a uniquely designed solution, combining innovation, knowledge, and a team effort to get the greatest outcomes. Our team collaborates closely with clients, architects, and engineers to ensure that every project meets or exceeds expectations.



Advantages of Steel Structures

Steel buildings are favored in a variety of construction projects due to their many benefits, including the following:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Steel has an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for substantial, soaring buildings with little material input.

Environmentally Friendly Material

Steel is a highly recyclable material that helps to promote sustainability by lowering the environmental effect of construction projects

Design Flexibility

Steel is a versatile material that allows for sophisticated, creative designs that satisfy functional and aesthetic needs

Robustness and Longevity

Steel structures resist corrosion, fire, and pests and can tolerate harsh environmental conditions, providing greater resistance to these threats. As a result, they have a long service life.

Construction Speed

Compared to standard building materials, fabricated steel solutions components allow for quicker construction, shortening the duration of the project as a whole

Steel Fabrication Processes

Several Steel fabrication solutions and techniques are used in the process of converting raw steel into complicated structural elements:



Steel is precisely cut into the necessary forms by computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, maximizing material efficiency and accuracy.



Steel components are joined using welding processes such arc welding, gas metal arc welding (GMAW), and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), which guarantee sturdy connections.



Using techniques like rolling, bending, and pressing, steel may be molded into a variety of profiles.


Surface Treatment

Steel is protected from corrosion by protective coatings like galvanization and powder coating, which also improve the material’s visual appeal.



Steel components can be made off-site, which speeds up on-site assembly and lowers labor and material costs.

Classification of steel in practice

Steel truss structure services include a variety of structural steel types that are frequently employed in the ways listed below:

1. Right angle steel

An "L"-shaped shape. Prepared in advance in a variety of sizes. This kind is frequently employed as a corner portion in construction, industry, commerce,
transportation, and mining.

2. Rectangular hollow cross-section

This shape resembles a circular hollow cross-section. This kind of steel is frequently utilized in the mechanical and construction

3. C-shaped form

This form, which has a cross-section that resembles the letter "C," is utilized to create purlins beneath the roof that provide a supporting effect.

4. Z-shaped form

This form has a cross-section that looks like the letter "Z," like the form of the letter "C," which is mostly utilized to create purlins

5. U-shaped form

Two parallel sides resemble the letter "U" and are at right angles. This type's durability is comparatively high.

6. Tubular Hollow Cross Form

Tubular Hollow Cross Sections are mostly employed in multi-axis constructions and resist twisting. Flatform, often known as plates, is a type of attachment used to strengthen the bearing capacity of construction materials.

7. Square hollow cross section

This form is only employed as a column or pillar of the building since it is difficult to integrate with other forms. Popular in commercial steel constructions that are prefabricated, taper-shaped beams and columns

secret to CityTech's success is teamwork

The secret to CityTech's success is teamwork. We believe in developing strong connections with customers, architects, and construction experts to bring imaginative projects to reality. Our devoted crew is passionate about making your goals come true and works hard to make the entire process easy and pleasurable.

CityTech Steel Structures & Fabrication is a shining example of inventiveness and engineering prowess. We are committed to making architectural dreams a reality via a commitment to excellence, sustainable methods, and cutting-edge technology. Partner with CityTech and see your projects reach new heights thanks to the durability and accuracy of steel buildings that will shape future skylines


Why You should choose CityTech

Unmatched Experience

CityTech's staff of engineers and fabricators has extensive steel structure knowledge, enabling us to handle challenging projects with simplicity and accuracy.

Quality Control

To ensure that every steel component satisfies the strictest industry standards, we employ strict quality control procedures throughout production.

Timely Project Delivery

At CityTech, we respect your time and follow project deadlines without sacrificing quality to ensure your project is on time.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Thanks to our dedication to staying on the cutting edge of technology, we can use the most recent advancements in structural design, fabrication, and construction.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We can produce cost-effective solutions that maximize the return on your investment thanks to our knowledge of steel fabrication and competent project management.

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Steel Structure

Due to their very high tensile strength, steel structures are an excellent option for high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise constructing projects Steel fabrication solutions provided by CityTech Engineering are complete, comprehensive, and economical, and we aim to deliver your project on time, on budget, and with the quality you expect. Whatever type of structure you are building, we can meet your framing needs and help you determine the best way to do it.